Dara Khaylani met with Madan Gopal, the Consul General of India in the Kurdistan RegionDara Khaylani

Dara Khaylani, the Head of Foreign Relations of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK), together with Kamran Mullah Abdullah, an Advisor at the PUK’s Relations Bureau in Erbil, met with Madan Gopal, the Consul General of India in the Kurdistan Region, and his accompanying delegation.

The two sides deliberated on the political situation in the Kurdistan Region, specifically focusing on the matter of the Kurdistan parliamentary elections where they emphasised the significance and necessity of conducting transparent and equitable elections as a definitive resolution to the unresolved matters. Dara Khaylani further clarified the stance of the PUK, stating: “The PUK is fully prepared and dedicated to the deadline set by the president for conducting transparent and equitable elections, devoid of any interference.

He stated that a competent and effective Kurdistan Parliament can facilitate the resolution of issues without relying on Baghdad, emphasising that the Kurdistan parliamentary elections will take place as planned to establish a sound governance, rebuild trust among all parties, enhance democracy in the Kurdistan Region, and improve services for the entire Kurdish people.

Both parties agreed that democracy can only be attained through elections and the people, where the people have the power to evaluate political parties and overcome the crisis.

The Consul General of India in the Kurdistan Region commended Kurdistan Region’s Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani for his visionary approach and lauded his expertise in promoting digitalisation and utilising technology for government operations. The Consul General also acknowledged DPM Talabani’s support for individuals with innovative business ideas, which has resulted in job creation and opportunities, particularly for the youth who are crucial for societal development. CG Madan Gopal also conveyed his delight and expressed optimism that these links will persist, fostering ongoing discussions on shared concerns between the Kurdistan Region and India.

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