Dara Khaylani, Japanese CG Discuss Upcoming Elections 

Dara Khaylani, Member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s (PUK) Leadership Council and Head of PUK’s Foreign Relations met Arakawa Mikihiro, the Japanese Consul General in the Kurdistan Region, at the Political Bureau’s headquarters in Erbil on Wednesday.

The meeting focused on Iraq’s political situation, the Kurdistan Region, and the upcoming elections. The main topic of discussion was the importance of continuing the negotiations in order to address the underlying causes of the problems.

Regarding the upcoming elections, Khaylani stated that the PUK supports a transparent and fair election process that ensures the fulfillment of everyone’s desires while also fostering stability, security, and a more promising future for the country.

During the meeting, Khaylani stated, “We will always work to deepen our bilateral links with all political parties and groups because we can only safeguard the Kurdistan homeland by working together to find a peaceful resolution through dialogue.”

 Head of PUK's Foreign Relations Board & Japanese CG