Dara Khaylani: PUK Strives to Improve the Life of Kurdistan’s Citizens 

In Sulaymaniyah, Dara Khaylani, the head of the foreign relations department and a member of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan’s (PUK) Leadership Council, had a meeting with a UNAMI delegation. Lawrence Liu, a Senior Political Affairs Officer with UNAMI in Baghdad, led the delegation along with his support staff.

The meeting deliberated on the most recent developments and political circumstances in Iraq and the Kurdistan Region, intending to attain a definitive resolution to the conflicts at hand.

The financial and budgetary issues involving the Kurdistan Regional Government and Baghdad were also discussed during the meeting. Dara Khaylani emphasized the necessity of combining all efforts to end this unfavorable circumstance and ensure the Kurdistan Region’s legal and constitutional rights.

“Political disputes have no place in the lives of people today. “The PUK’s top priority is still to ensure that the people of the Region have a decent standard of living, and we continue to work toward this goal,” he continued.

Khaylani commended the role played by the UN in helping the Region reach a workable solution and creating a peaceful and coexisting atmosphere.